AKK A1 poker analyzer for sale

AKK A1 poker analyzer has been rolled out in the market recently which can calculate poker odds for you.
AKK A1 playing cards analyzer has 5 inch super-big screen with IPS HD system for giving users a more comfortable visual experience while operating the poker analyzer. Besides the fashionable outward appearance, marked cards in 360 degree. Even if you place the poker cards on the poker table, in your hands or under sunshine, A1 poker analyzer with games odds calculator can scan invisible ink marks as well as lager range of its rivals 23-48cm in height and 30cm in width.
If you do not want to use the internal poker camera, you can use others extra playing cards scanner. Any kinds of poker scanning camera are able to cooperate with AKK A1 poker analyzer.
The most attractive of AKK A1 poker analyzer is that it has 8 core super-fast CPU, 2G runtime memory and super power on analysis data for helping users receive poker results very fast. It is suitable to cheat at Texas Holdem, Omaha, India Flush, Baccarat, Blackjack and many other poker games in the world. What is more, you can adjust its poker games results reporting way by remote controller.