AKK K5 poker analyzer for playing cards games

AKK K5 poker analyzer is processed on Samsung phone that suitable for Texas Holdem poker games.
AKK K5 poker analyzer is beautiful even though there has a built-in poker camera inside, so that you can use this all-in-one AKK K5 poker analyzer to scan laser marked playing cards at the same. You also can use other wireless playing cards scanner in Texas Holdem games, such as power bank poker camera, car key scanning camera and watch poker cheat camera, etc.
After poker camera scanning laser marked cards in Texas Holdem games, AKK K50 poker analyzer devices will calculate poker hand odds for you.
As for the poker reporting ways, Samsung AKK K5 poker analyzer has a vibrator to connect so that you can know who is winner by feeling the shaking of vibrator. If you do not like this way to receive poker results, you can use blue-tooth loop with earpiece for receiving poker results about all poker players in Texas Holdem poker games.