All-in-one AKK K3 poker analyzer device

Samsung Glaxy AKK K3 poker analyzer device can be applied to many poker games like Texas, Omaha, Baccarat, Flush and Blackjack. Compared with other poker analyzers, it can be finished the cheating in a more efficient way.
The latest AKK K3 poker analyzer has double poker cameras. It is unnecessary for you to add the other marked poker camera to work with it. That means, it is an all-in-one poker analyzer device that can not only read the bar codes on marked cards but also analyze the poker result for you.
The Samsung K3 poker card analyzer has a vibrator to connect with it, so that you will know who is winner by feeling the vibrator vibrating. If you would like to use wireless marked cards earpieces to receive results, you need to set the right mode in advance.