Baccarat Blackjack shoe marked cards scanner

There are many marked cards scanner predictors for Texas Holdem and Omaha poker game. GS marking decks contact lenses invisible luminous ink suppliers have rolled out poker scanner predictor with blackjack for Baccarat.
Blackjack plays an important role in cards dealing during poker games. We set mini scanner lens inside blackjack shoe. No one will believe that it can be processed into poker cards cheating devices. Therefore, we can play poker games with blackjack scanner camera safely and conveniently. This baccarat poker predictor scans and transmits the information regarding the future winners of the current game in 0.1 seconds, representing one of the strongest playing cards tricks. With this system, you do not need any partners so that it is safer. You can know poker results before playing cards shuffling.
This black jack scanner predictor is of 100% accuracy. And this predictor appearance is a cell phone, you could use it as a normal cell phone, when you need use it as a black jack scanner predictor, you just need open the device button. Believe us, if you have this magic trick blackjack shoe poker cheat camera, the winning rate in poker games will increase.