Leather belt marked cards scanner camera

The spy marked playing cards scanner lens for poker gambling cheat can be hidden in many items in our daily life. I will introduce you to our latest advanced belt marked cards poker camera for reading back invisible ink marked cards to increase poker winning.
We insert high-definition camera lens inside belt so that it can read secret marked cards with invisible ink marks clearly. These special marked poker decks only could be read by scanning lens which not be able to be recognized by IR/UV luminous marked cards readers.
When you play the game, just turn on the camera and it will read the marks on cards speedily. With dynamic camera lens inside, it can scan marked cards with high accuracy. Then, it can send poker scanning data to poker analyzer, no matter which type of playing cards analyzer, and you can read marks on TV screen at backstage. You can know poker rankings in advance. As a result, winning can be enhanced largely.
In addition, this HD and dynamic leather belt spy poker camera can be applied to Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Omaha, Flush and many other poker games.