Best marked cards Fournier with invisible barcode

Compared to back marked cards, barcode marked cards are much more difficult to being found. Fournier barcode marked cards are one kind of laser marked cards to poker scanner.
The barcodes we print on the edges of regular Fournier playing cards with laser ink are water-resistant and wear-resistant. They can be read by poker scanner after we rub the cards against the table or immerse them in water. Such invisible marks at the edge side of Fournier playing cards can stay unfading as long as 2 years under normal playing conditions!
Fournier marked barcode cards can be only read by barcode poker scanner, while infrared contact lenses cannot read its marks. Fournier brand playing cards have different types, and all types poker decks can be processed into barcode marked decks. What is more, you can send your own cards to us for marking.
If you choose our laser marked cards to help you at poker games, do not forget the poker barcodes scanner. All of poker devices are available in our company.