Buy Modiano Cristallo invisible ink playing cards

Modiano Cristallo playing cards made of 100% plastic, which are ultra thick and very textured. Modiano Cristallo poker with backside snowy design, feature a unique 4 PIP index with characters in all four corners of the cards. Therefore, Modiano Cristallo playing cards have this good name.
With professional technical engineer, high-tech printer and skills, we make the cards like brand-new cards which are selling in store. And we have the best marked cards in the market, even in the world.
As for marking Modiano Cristallo playing cards into contact lenses marked cards, we have different kinds of markings, such as we mark blue and green cards of Cristallo with big white font in the middle, while we mark four small white or black marks on red cards and orange cards.
All markings backside Modiano Cristallo marked playing cards are invisible by naked eyes, and you need to use luminous ink glasses or marked cards contact lenses to see through its marks.
Besides contact lenses marked cards, we have infrared ink marked Cristallo cards and edge side marked cards Modiano.