Chip tray poker scanning system

There have many kinds of poker scanners in the market, such as watch poker scanner, lighter poker camera, water bottle playing card scanners and other kinds of poker scanners. Chip tray poker cheat camera are the latest one.
Chip tray poker scanner can scan edge side marked playing cards automatically because there are some barcodes on the poker laser so that poker analyzer will analyze these barcode and tell you poker result.
This newest chip rack playing card scanner has following characteristics:
1. 100% accuracy of the outcome for Texas and Omaha game
2. high privacy for single operation
3. Distance between camera in chip tray and marked cards can be customized 4. long time working hour and its working time is more than 10 hours
5. convenient operation and you can use remote controller to make camera on and off
Chip tray poker scanner will not be found by other poker players when you are playing poker game, because chip tray scanning poker system are safe and reliable products. There is a very small camera inside that other poker players will not find it easily.