Dal Negro series marked cards

High quality Dal Negro playing cards could be marked into special playing cards for poker cheat or magic show. Dal Negro brand playing cards made in Italy is all of this: two centuries of history dedicated to playing cards, traditional games in wood and now, also a wide selection of games and toys for people of all ages.
The most important part to mark Dal Negro playing cards is invisible ink. How to mark Dal Negro poker cards with invisible ink? Dal Negro playing cards are processed with cards marking printer cooperating with invisible ink by our skillful technicians. These kinds of invisible ink marked cards of Dal Negro poker have luminous ink marks on the back, so that we also called it luminous marked cards. All of these Dal Negro marked cards are able to be seen by invisible ink contact lenses or luminous in sunglasses.
Besides contact lenses marked cards, Dal Negro playing cards could be marked into infrared ink marked cards for IR poker camera, laser marked cards for poker analyzer. If you have other requirement, we can mark your own poker cards for you.