Fournier marked cards poker cheating devices

Marked cards are the normal poker cheating devices in the market. Most poker players will choose marked cards to cheat at different poker games, such as Omaha poker game, Texas hold em poker game, and blackjack and baccarat poker game, etc.
What are marked cards? These are special poker cards. Take Fournier No.1 playing cards for example. We use the good quality Fournier No.1 cards to process with a special invisible ink. After the cards marking ink dry, marking cards with invisible ink for Fournier No.1 poker are finished. It seems that is very easy to make paper luminous marked cards, as a matter of fact, it is not easy. But for GS marked cards factory, we have professional machine to make Fournier paper marked cards that you could use our products safely. Naked eyes cannot see through marked cards poker directly, and you need to use infrared contact lenses to see Fournier marked cards.
There have 40 cards and 50 cards of Fournier No.1 marked cards, and therefore, you need to choose your suitable paper marked cards before placing an order.