Good quality infrared contact lenses

Infrared contact lenses work together with juice ink marked cards, when you wear a pair of infrared contact lenses, you will see invisible ink marks on the back of marked decks clearly.
But do you know how to keep infrared contact lenses? Good quality infrared contact lenses can help you play poker cards games easily. First of all, you need to change the storage box at a fixed period. It is about half a year to change it. The second, you need to clean them after using them every day. At last, infrared contact lenses cannot be explored by the direct sunlight so that you could keep them in the cool place. The most important thing is you need to wash your hands every day before you wearing infrared contact lenses to see marked decks.
Infrared contact lenses are process by high quality contact lenses and good invisible ink. Other poker players will not find the secret at all. Just feeling free to using infrared contact lenses for reading marked decks.