High definition poker camera in button

Lucky Star automatic tracking poker camera is one kind of button camera that can scan edge side marked cards in poker games. It is a real button which can provide you to be used on your shirt or Jacket or coat. No one will suspect your mini button could be processed with wireless poker camera. Let alone others will focus on your lucky star automatic tracking poker camera.
With its good concealment, button with double camera will perfectly work with poker analyzer to complete the poker cheating. It can scan side marked cards speedily and accurately at any angle. Compared to other version of playing cards scanner, it is a high-definition camera, capable of reading marked cards clearly even in a dark light.
The scanning distance of shirt button scanning camera is 35-60cm, which is the best distance for the dealer. In addition, it supports all kinds of poker analyzers in the world. Lucky Star automatic tracking poker camera will bring you luck in poker games. If you have used this button playing cards scanner, you will fall in love with it.