How to choose Copag marked cards

No matter what brands of playing cards, they could be processed to marked cards poker. You can choose different marked cards from our company. Copag marked card is one of the best one.
Normal Copag poker cards could be processed to barcode marked cards. Our professionals have made invisible ink barcodes on four sides of poker cards. These invisible barcodes are scanned by poker cameras which need to work together with poker analyzers.
Back marked cards are different from barcode marked cards. Copag juice marked cards can work with infrared contact lenses or luminous ink sunglasses kit. It is clear to help you see those invisible ink marks on the back and then you can know poker point or poker suit of each marked card. You can use these marked Copag card and playing cards contact lenses in different kinds of poker games. They are wonderful poker cheating devices for helping you.
We are Copag marked cards manufacturer in China, and we also have other brand marked playing cards for sale and other poker deceit devices.