IR marked deck contact lenses

These are wonderful playing cheating devices called IR contact lenses. They work together with juice marked cards with invisible ink so you could use them to at different kinds of poker games. We have this kind of infrared contact lenses for sale.
With the help of infrared contact lenses, the poker user can read the poker points and poker suits of juice marked cards and other poker players with their naked eyes cannot see them. This is possible when you use the invisible ink to mark different kinds of regular poker cards. And there are unique invisible marks on the back of each poker card which can be seen clearly by wearing a pair of IR contact lenses or IR sunglasses.
IR contact lenses have different sizes and colors to fit your eyes. Hence you do not need to worry about being found. What is more, infrared contact lenses work on the principle white light and some poker contact lenses have no limitation of the light color.
Do you want to buy infrared contact lenses with juice marked cards from our company? We can provide you the best quality poker devices.