Infrared contact lenses poker for Copag

In poker cheating gamble cheat games, luminous ink marked playing cards can be tactfully applied to this filed.
Poker cards can be specially processed with different marked playing cards in line with different poker cheating conditions. There are luminous ink marked cards for IR/UV poker readers, invisible barcode marked playing cards for poker analyzer system and back IR ink marked cards for spy camera system cheating. No matter which kind of marked playing cards you use, they will enable you to win as much as you can.
The Copag marked playing cards are made of an exclusively engineered PVC plastic so that they are more durable and washable than the paper marked playing cards. GS luminous ink marked cards contact lenses manufacturer in China not in India have more than ten years in marking Copag cards with invisible ink which can be detectable by UV/IR glasses.
Buy high quality Copag marked playing cards in GS and try them, they will convince you that there are no other reasonable options for any others marking cards. The cheap marked cards are not able to be deserved to purchase.