Infrared ink smoke detector marked poker cards camera

Infrared smoke detector scanning camera is one of main products in marked cards devices Company. We fixed a mini playing cards lens inside smoke detector for reading backside infrared ink marking cards. Smoke detector is such a common item in casino or private room so that it is good to avoid attracting attention of other poker players. You can find that we can disguise a scanning camera as daily common item such as car key, lighter, leather belt or cell phone, etc.
The smoke detector IR camera for poker monitoring system includes a monitor, transmitters and a wireless earphone. The smoke detector infrared poker cheat camera is used for scanning infrared ink marked cards, then the results of scanning will be sent through the transmitters and shown on the monitor screen. You need a partner work with you so that you can know poker results what he tell you by mini earpiece.
Do not worry about energy, you can charge the source all the time when you using it. The smoke detector should be placed about 2-3 meters away from back marked cards with infrared ink. What is more important is that one to one marked cards poker scanning lens is only for special infrared ink backside marking cards.