Invisible ink sunglasses can see through luminous marked cards

What kind of poker cheating devices you know in the market? How much do you know about it? Marked cards invisible ink and luminous ink glasses? Yes, they are absolutely one kind. But there have others poker cheating devices, and you could find in GS China marked cards factory.
Contact lenses marked cards are one kinds of playing cards invisible ink reader for seeing through backside marks. Many people will choose infrared contact lenses poker because it will not change the color of eyes. However, we have luminous ink glasses kit for reading luminous ink marks and they have the same function of marked cards contact lenses.
How to see invisible ink with glasses? It is simple. First of all, you need to have one deck of luminous marked cards. And then, you can wear our special infrared sunglasses to see invisible ink marks backside marking cards. At the last, you need to behave naturally because our marked playing cards sunglasses could not be detectable and it is only used for seeing through back marks.
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