Fournier series marking playing cards

Fournier playing cards are made in Spain. Fournier 2800 playing cards are one kind of Fournier brand which are poker-size, jumbo index deck with a mesmerizing back design packaging in a cardboard tuck box with the new holographic security seal.
Fournier poker decks are made of the best plastic. Good quality playing cards of course need good company to mark with. GS invisible ink marking cards Company has the history of more than 10 years in poker fields. No matter what kinds of poker decks, they could mark clear invisible ink marks backside with their superb technology. These infrared invisible ink marks could only be seen by IR marked cards contact lenses or ultimate sunglasses. UV marked decks contact lenses cannot detect invisible IR markings.
Fournier 2800 playing cards could be marking with luminous suits and number backside the cards for IR marked cards or UV marked cards. It all depends on you. Nowadays, we have the latest x ray marked cards for sale. For more details, please feel free to click on our website.