How to make luminous ink kit at home?

Maybe you will ask whether there has difference between the invisible ink kit and luminous ink kit? Here I will tell you in this paper.
The luminous ink are luminescent than invisible ink when you wearing our ultra infrared contact lenses and poker infrared glasses for seeing marks.
Anyone can create the luminous marked cards. It is very simple to follow and you will be making marked cards in a flash. How to make luminous ink kit at home?
Firstly, prepare high-quality poker cards. Secondly, pour luminous ink into pen (or you can use cotton swabs to stain the luminous ink). Last but not least, write any marks and suits backside the poker cards. After finishing marking luminous ink marks, please use red filtered film, infrared cards glasses or marked cards contact lenses for detecting the marks you made. No one can see any luminous invisible ink marks on your playing poker cards.
We have luminous ink kit for marking cards on sale. If you are interesting, please feel free to contact us for luminous ink kits include luminous marked cards, luminous ink glasses and luminous ink contact lenses.