Marked cards invisible ink contact lenses

There has the fast way to make invisible ink marks hidden backside poker playing cards. The magic invisible ink pen can help you for processing marked cards. But how to use invisible ink pen for marked cards? You can get information from our website.
First of all, you should prepare UV invisible ink marked cards contact lenses or X-ray marked cards contact lenses for detecting backside marks. And then, a good quality invisible ink pen for marking is necessary. Invisible ink pen for making marks on poker cards is very easy. Invisible ink pen is made of special material and you can make marked cards directly. No matter what kind of material of poker cards, you can mark invisible ink markings well with this magic tricks pen. Our products are very magical and it will not take you much time to learn how to process these marked cards. After the invisible ink dry, you can wear invisible ink pen contact lenses to read luminous ink. What is more, no one will find that the differences.