Which kind of poker cheat devices do you prefer

If you are in the market for poker cheating devices, but have no idea where to buy and how to choose, welcome to our company for choosing the suitable for you. There have many kinds of marked playing cards tricks products as follows:
Luminous marked cards to infrared contact lenses:
We can provide you all brands of back marked cards, such as Bee, Bicycle, KEM, Modiano, Fournier and Copag and so on. All of these marked cards are able to be seen by infrared contact lenses or invisible ink glasses directly. The poker cheat devices in our company are the best quality.
Playing cards scanner for barcode marked cards:
Playing cards scanner can be fixed into daily item for avoid arousing attention from other players. We have watch marked poker camera, wallet barcode cards scanner, car key poker scanners, lighter marked cards reader and button scanning camera and so on.
Poker analyzer devices for predicting poker hands:
We have PK king series poker analyzer, AKK poker analyzer cheat, CVK poker analyzer and LD poker cards analyzer. They are good to play with poker games especially in Texas Holdem and Omaha poker games.
Besides the above mentioned playing cards cheating devices, we have infrared poker camera for IR marked cards, dice cheating equipment and invisible ink marked dominoes, etc. No matter the poker devices suitable for you in variety of species playing cards products.