Marked cards decks invisible ink kit

GS marked cards invisible ink suppliers have more than ten years experience in marking poker playing cards.
According to different usage, marked poker cards decks could be divided into three different types which include the luminous ink backside marked cards for infrared glasses, secret invisible barcode side marked cards for poker playing cards scanner or poker analyzer and marked cards with infrared ink for IR scanning poker camera. In this article, I will share you details with invisible ink marked playing cards for infrared poker glasses.
We mark poker cards with invisible ink by cards marking luminous ink under the help of marked cards printer. We often mark a big invisible juice ink backside middle blue cards while mark a big luminous ink font or four small juice font backside red poker decks. All kinds of marked cards could be found in GS marked cards Company.
We do not only have luminous marked cards for sale, but also have marked playing cards with infrared glasses or invisible ink contact lenses.