Use invisible ink to mark playing cards

Invisible ink marked cards are made by GS marked cards factory, can be designed for infrared contact lenses, marked poker camera and poker analyzer, etc.
Marked card decks for luminous contact lenses
Invisible ink marked poker cards still keep the same appearance as regular playing cards. Any brand and model playing cards can be marked into marked playing cards. We apply cards marking ink to playing deck, you will see the big numbers and suits on the marked cards or small numbers and fonts on the back of marked decks. No one will know your tricks to do with marked cards and infrared contact lenses. Additionally, we have marked cards sunglasses that can see juice marked card, which have the same function as infrared contact lenses.
Marked card decks for poker analyzer devices
The marked card decks for poker analyzer system are different from contact lenses marked cards, and we also call them laser marked cards. As we can know from its name, the invisible ink markings are on the edge side of whole deck of cards. The poker analyzer with built-in poker camera can scan its invisible ink barcode when the cards are together. After scanning, poker cheat software will analyze poker info and then send poker results to you by wireless earpieces.
If you want to know how to identify these two marked cards or more info about marked card decks, please contact us at any time.