Marking Copag cards with invisible ink

Copag playing cards are famous among poker players. Copag playing poker decks are made by PVC which is durable and washable. Backside design on any Copag poker cards is elegant. Different country have different edition, as you can see, there have Brazil edition, Belgium edition and America edition.
No matter what kind of edition Copag playing cards, we are skillful at marking Copag cards with invisible ink to see by luminous ink glasses kit. We have infrared contact lenses for sale or invisible ink and glasses to read the ink of Copag juice perspective marking poker decks.
Besides invisible ink backside marked Copag playing cards, we can processed edge side barcode secret juice marked poker decks for poker analyzer system or marked poker cards with hidden infrared ink to read by IR scanning camera. But invisible ink marked cards kit readers are the most convenient to operate and safe for you.
Buy marked playing cards with invisible ink pen glasses or luminous ink contact lenses here, I dare to say it will benefit for all life.