Mobile phone marked cards lens for invisible ink bar code

Smart phone in GS marked cards Company have no different from those people use in daily life except for the special function of reading laser marked cards with invisible ink bar code by poker camera we set inside the phone. There has different brand of mobile phone for processing into cell phone playing cards scanning camera, such as Iphone, Samsung, Nokia and other phone popular in your local.
It is very safe for using phone scanning camera in poker games because special phone poker camera has the same appearance as normal phone even if we set a wireless playing cards scanner lens inside. Turning the poker camera lens on before you playing in poker games, smart phone marked cards lenses will scan edge side marked cards quickly, accurately and stably.
After finishing scanning, phone poker camera lens will collect information of playing cards and then transfer the data to a poker analyzer. It can work with different types of poker analyzers system, like CVK 500 poker analyzer and AKK K4 poker analyzer, among which also are available from GS marked cards company.