Best way to mark Bicycle playing cards

Bicycle Playing Cards is a brand of best looking and best quality playing cards. Bicycle plastic prestige poker cards are one kind of Bicycle brand originally made in US bicyclecards com company.
Prestige Bicycle poker cards are made of PVC material which are durable than any other plastic playing cards. We processed Bicycle poker decks with invisible ink marks which only could be seen under wearing infrared contact lenses or ultra poker glasses. Please note that it is invisible ink contact lenses instead of normal contact lenses, and it is invisible ink glasses instead of normal glasses or sunglasses. We have more than ten years in marking poker cards into marked cards and therefore, I dare to say we produce the best Bicycle marked cards in the world.
Many poker players ask me how to mark cards while playing poker. Nowadays, we have luminous ink kit for marking cards and cards marking kit for hot sale and you can choose the suitable contact lenses or glasses that see poker cards with invisible ink marks. In addition to marked bicycle cards, GS marked cards factory also have other brand marked playing cards for sale, you can buy marked cards here and we will teach you how to use a marked deck to do with bicycle trick cards.
If you have any questions about what is a marked deck or how to mark playing cards, just feel free to contact us.