Poker camera hidden in usb charger cable

Could you imagine that a mini USB cable have a space for setting a wireless poker camera inside? I want to tell you it is true and it is playing an important role in scanning laser marked cards, which is helpful for you to win in all kinds of poker games.
We often see many people using power bank for charging their cell phone, of course the USB charger cable is the connection between cell phone and power bank. Thus, it is really common and safe for being USB cable playing cards scanner.
It is necessary for you to charge your phone when its powers running off. And the USB cable as a common tool is used to charge the phone, so we can take this good chance to hide a poker cheating scanning camera inside the USB cable.
When you charge your cell phone, it will help you to read barcode invisible ink marked cards and send the signal to poker analyzer, all types of poker analyzer devices is able to work with. What is more, we have PK King S608 poker analyzer, AKK K4 poker analyzer, AKK A1 poker analyzer and CVK 500 poker analyzer on sale.