Modiano barcode marked poker cards invisible ink

Modiano poker cards can be processed into back IR marked cards poker for spy camera, luminous marked cards for ir contact lenses and barcode marking cards with invisible ink for camera lens.
Modiano barcode marked playing cards are specially designed for poker analyzer camera lens reading. They are printed with invisible barcode on the laser of playing cards. Due to different marking skills, we cannot see any marks edge side Modiano invisible playing cards by naked eyes or luminous ink contact lenses.
How to use these Modiano invisible ink marked barcode playing cards? Just put these marking cards decks on the poker table, it will be scanned by poker camera reader. Other players will not find any flaw from them. The barcode will be read by the camera lens accurately and speedily. Cooperating with poker analyzer, you can get poker results in advance by spy wireless poker earphone.
If you have an interest in our invisible ink Modiano barcode poker cards, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.