Power bank barcode marking cards reader

Those power banks we usually see in daily life are normally used only to charge cell phone batteries, while the power banks sold by GS marked cards factory can also be applied to scan marked cards as a barcode cards scanner.
Why this power bank sold by our company can be used to scan marked playing cards as well as charging phone batteries? We usually hide a spy poker camera inside power banks, which is so concealable that nobody can find out about its existence.
Firstly, turning the playing cards scanning camera on before you play poker games. Let it towards the barcode marked cards poker. What is more, the scanning distance between processed power bank and edge side marked cards can be customized from 12 to 135cm according to different requirements. Its scanning height is 30cm and its scanning width is 35cm.
After scanning, the power bank marked cards lens will collect the poker information and then transfer data to a poker analyzer devices. It can work with different types of poker analyzers, like CVK 500 poker analyzer system and AKK K4 online poker analyzer, which also are available from our company.