Power bank playing cards scanner

Many people take a power bank along everywhere they go for emergency using. Among them, for those who like playing poker games and always take their own mobile phone power bank to poker table, it would be a not bad idea for them to take advantage of it.
With a mini wireless poker camera we fix inside, this power bank can offer battery energy of your cellphone while it will offer eletronic energy to this playing cards scanner. If you use this power bank poker cheat camera, it is no need for you worry about the question of source.
You can customize the scanning distance of power bank. After scanning laser marked cards, the poker data will be transferred to poker analyzer. There have AKK A1 poker analyzer, AKK K5 poker analyzer, CVK 500 poker analyzer, PK King S708 poker analyzer, etc in GS marked cards factory. You can get poker results by poker analyzer devices.
The big advantage of this power bank playing cards scanner is that you can use the cellphone being charged as the poker analyzer. Believe it or not, no one will find that magic tricks.