Texas Holdem Poker Analyzer System

Texas Holdem poker games are one of the most popular poker games all over the world. And it is welcomed by poker lovers.
The whole Texas Holdem poker analyzer system includes a scanning camera lens, a poker analyzer, invisible ink secret barcode marked cards and a wireless earphone. The scanning camera lens read the edge side marked cards invisible ink and analyze the Texas results at the same time. You can know poker rankings before playing cards dealt.
In order not to arouse the attention of other poker players, we process poker devices but remain the same appearance as common items. With this advantage, other players will not find its any flaw. When you play the Texas Holdem, just put the poker analyzer on the poker table and it will read the marked cards at a high speed. And then the data of bar codes marked cards will be decoded by the analyzer. Finally, you can receive the result from the earpiece or Bluetooth.
What is more, the Texas results can be set to report in many ways such as the biggest winner hand, the first winner hand and the second, each player’s poker hand ranking, flop, turn or river. Our remote controller can help you change the forms. The Texas Holdem poker analyzer system is ideal for winning in an easier manner. Believe it or not, you will fall in love with this magic Texas Holdem scanner poker analyzer software.