Transparent blackjack shoe for scanning barcode marked cards

As we all know, Blackjack shoe is used for dealing poker cards in casinos games or private poker room games. But how could you imagine that this is a new technology baccarat dealing shoe playing cards cheating device because it is an all transparent dealing shoe made of special material. How this transparent poker cards dealing shoe to work?
We process a mini wireless poker cheating camera inside Blackjack shoe for scanning invisible ink barcode marked cards. You need to put the edge sides marking playing cards into the transparent dealing shoe, and it can read playing cards invisible ink secretly. You do not need any others extra poker cheating camera in this part. No one will doubt it because this Baccarat cards shuffler machine has no difference between normal one.
Blackjack shoe cooperating with poker analyzer, it will analyze the barcodes on the edge sides of marked cards and tell you who is winner, you will be able to hear the result by spy mini wireless earphone or use the vibrators, and this kind of baccarat dealing shoe will also tell you which card you should change and then will be able to change the winner.