Invisible Ink kits Reader For Texas Holdem Marked Playing Cards

GS marked cards suppliers devoted herself to marking different kinds of playing cards for more than ten years. These years, she put efforts to learn and innovate which will help her producing the best marked poker cards in the world. Many poker lovers from all over the world would purchase back for high-quality clear luminous marks backside playing cards.
The Copag marking cards for one of the most popular games Texas Holdem are considered as one of the top quality juice marked decks in GS Entertainment Company. Due to the best PVC material, Copag poker cards are capable of handling the wear and tear of normal games. Each Copag Texas Holdem deck contains 52 poker cards with jumbo index, 2 jokers and 1 guarantee card, all packaged in a tuck box.
Copag Texas Holdem invisible ink playing poker cards can be marked luminous ink marks backside on the four sides of cards or on the middle of poker cards, and they could be seen by marked cards glasses and infrared marking decks contact lenses. These backside marks could be marked into red or black which are depending on the color of the back of the cards. Generally speaking, we mark white marks on black cards while mark black or white marks on red cards. It is known that the performance of the red cards is usually better than that of the black poker.