Various AKK K4 poker analyzer

All in one AKK K4 poker analyzer can be used to cheat at different poker games. Do you want to know more details about the latest AKK K4 poker analyzer?
AKK K4 poker analyzer is a real Samsung cell phone and you can win a lot of money at poker games. There have four color snow white, tarnish, platinum and blue K4 poker analyzer for your choice.
There are wireless spy double poker cameras inside and you do not need to use an extra playing cards scanner. When you cheat at poker games, you just need to put it on poker table and then it will work safely. It has different kinds of frequency that also can work with extra poker scanner cameras. For example, watch poker camera, lighter marked cards camera, power bank poker camera and others. The latest K4 poker analyzer could give out the accurate game result and no one will know the secret. You can choose the Bluetooth or the mini earphone to help you hear the accurate game result.