Wall clock spy reader for scanning cards

The camera lens in poker analyzer system plays a very important part. According to different scanning distance, there are short distance barcode marked cards camera and long distance poker decks lens to meet different poker playing needs. Now I will share our long distance clock poker camera lens for your long distance poker magic games.
The cards long distance camera lens can be disguised as a wall clock in our daily life to read the barcode marked cards in a wide area and the distance is from 2 meters to 6 meters without any suspect from other players. By the way, there is a remote control for adjusting scanning distance, scanning area and scanning position at every time.
Compared to other scanning camera, you do not put any poker device on poker table just let the clock hanging on the wall. It will scan edge side invisible ink barcode marked cards automatically. With the good position on wall and high-definition lens advantage, it is able to read the barcode marking playing cards with 100% accuracy and send the data after scanning marked poker cards to poker analyzer decoding at a high speed.