Wall painting infrared marked cards lens

Back infrared poker camera reader is very important for casino and club.
It is the best to put mini IR camera casino cheating device inside wall frame photo. After adjust the nice position of wall painting, it can scan infrared marked cards on the whole table to see marking of invisible playing cards. Your partner can see invisible playing cards marking of suit and number on backside of IR marked decks by computer or monitor. If the position or scanning angle of wall painting infrared poker camera is incorrect, we can use wireless remote control to adjust the best scanner area.
We will use a poker cheating device of picture shot device to record number and suit of each card. The partner will report suit and number of each card to their friend players who play in poker games by wireless audio talker or vibrator system.
Player can know how to play in Texas Holdem and Omaha playing games and bet according their enemies on poker table with the help of wall frame photo IR lens. We will know each card on anyplace of table.