Where to buy Baccarat shoe marked cards reader

Our company sells different types of poker shoes that can be used to help poker players cheat in Baccarat, such as transparent or non-transparent, glass or plastic. Generally speaking, we fix a poker scanning camera inside Baccarat poker shoes.
Such poker shoes can play a great role in Baccarat cheat by reading marked cards and then transferring data to poker analyzer. What is more, all kinds of poker analyzer devices can work with baccarat poker dealing shoe scanner.
Dealing poker shoe is common in casino poke games. Thanks to its good concealment, there is no need for you to worry that other people might find out about the existence of poker camera inside dealing playing cards shoe. If you do not need camera, there is a remote controller that can be used to control the switch of poker camera. Its battery in poker shoe can keep supplying power for 3 hours.
If you have a gambling casino of your own, hoping to make profit through Baccarat cheat, we are here recommending you to use our Baccarat poker shoe with playing cards scanner together with marked cards and poker analyzer.