Where to buy finest Lion luminous marked cards?

GS playing cards cheating devices in China produces all kinds of marked playing decks, and Lion luminous marked cards are the finest poker cards.
Made of 100% plastic, Lion marked playing cards are washable. Due to these special material, Lion playing cards marking with invisible ink are durable than others brand no matter how to shuffler. We make good quality playing poker into best marked cards by the help of luminous ink playing cards marking printer, and the invisible ink marks printed on the cards are capable of staying unfading as long as 2 years. There is no chromatic aberration between the marked cards and the original playing cards after the mechanical processing.
Marked Lion cards with invisible ink are only able to be read by luminous ink playing cards poker contact lenses. Besides, plastic infrared sunglasses can see through marks. GS have been in this line for many years, manufacturing all kinds of marked decks. Welcome to GS for selecting your own special marked cards.