Dal Negro Texas Holdem Green NTP Juice Marked Decks

  • Dal Negro Texas Holdem Green NTP Marked Playing Cards
  • Dal Negro Texas Holdem Green NTP Marked Playing Cards
  • Dal Negro Texas Holdem Green NTP Marked Playing Cards
  • Dal Negro Texas Holdem Green NTP Marked Playing Cards

    Perspective marked cards are more simple than other cheating cards, magic marked cards or secret code playing cards. If you using password playing cards, you need to keep the secret code in mind while the perspective marked cards can be seen through by wearing contact lenses. Therefore, you need to wear our contact lenses for seeing through the invisible ink marked suits and marked numbers on the perspective marked cards. It is easy to operate and it do not need any skills.

    Dal Negro playing cards are very famous for making plastic playing cards. Plastic Dal Negro Texas Holdem Green NTP playing cards can be printed with invisible marks offering you clear perspective visibility. Each deck contains 55 cards, the size is 63 mm*89 mm.

    When you purchasing luminous marked cards, you need to consider that high quality marked cards can help you avoiding a lot of unnecessary trouble.

    Good perspective marked cards should meet the following requirements:

    1. The marked cards should offer clear perspective version by contact lenses.

    2. The marks should last a long time.

    3. The deck should be durable.

    4. The perspective deck can be used under any lights, no matter day or night.

    Product Information

    Decks: 1

    Size: Poker Size

    Index: Jumbo 2PIP

    Colors: Red and Green

    Material: 100% Plastic

    Write To Us:markedcardsinvisibleink@hotmail.com


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    • Name: nabeel2019-06-11 11:05:55

    • Content: hye what is the price off these lens plz reply and do tell me if u have corrier services
    • Reply: Thanks for your inquiry. The detail information is sent to your WhatsApp. Please check.
    • Name: Glen2019-06-11 06:50:25

    • Content: Still waiting for the price of the X-Ray contact lenses
    • Reply: Hi, friend! I have sent the detail information to your email.  Have a good day!

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