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Daylight Lamp IR Poker Camera Cheating Tricks
IR lens is also called infrared lens, which uses a special optical glass material, and the latest optical design methods to eliminate the visible and infrared light focal plane offset, to let you see the infrared light spectrum which is not visible by the human eyes.IR secret marked playing cards are processed with the principle of infrar... Read More >
CCTV IR Camera To See Infrared Marks On Casino Game
Cradle head play a big role in taking picture. It can Control the camera Omni-directional angle to facilitate shooting at different angles. So, to maximize the range of the working distance and read the invisible ink marks, we develop this cradle head IR marked cards camera.This long distance used cradle head IR camera to see marked cards... Read More >
Silver Color Wall Painting Lamp With IR Poker Camera
People will decorate their home and shop with wall paintings to make people have the visual enjoyment, and many poker club and private casino as well. And the person who has the desire for something, he will think of many ways to achieve his purpose. And so, we produce the wall painting lamp efficient invisible marks playing cards camera for the... Read More >
Smoke Detector Infrared Camera For Casino Cards Trick
I know that in America, many places will install smoke detectors, such as home, school and some poker club. So, it is ordinary seeing smoke detectors in these places.After testing, we produced the smoke detector IR camera for cards trick use. How does the smoke detector work? Wireless transmitter issued a wireless alarm signal, notifying ... Read More >
Sound Box IR Camera Read Backside Invisible Ink Marked Cards
Sound box is one kind of music speaker. You can enjoy the music with it, and you can also win the poker battle with it. How you win? If you can see all the playing cards on poker table and the cards on other player hands, you will absolutely win the gambling game.Black is a good protect color for many things. At least for IR cheating card... Read More >
Undetectable Magic marking cards and Omnipotent IR Camera
Omnipotent 360 degree infrared camera is more advanced than cradle head juiced marked cards camera. It can read the undetectable IR marked playing cards while the cradle head juiced marked cards camera is not.The 360 degree omnipotent IR camera is the best choice which can monitor the whole poker room. Because this 360 degree IR marked ca... Read More >
3D Wall Painting With Spy Infrared Poker Camera
3D painting is not only can decorate your room, offering the visual enjoyment, but also can help you win in the poker game. How does it help you win your game? Let me take an example with 3D wall painting.You can choose the 3D wall painting you like which set a IR zoom cheating cards lens inside it. It has no difference with the normal wa... Read More >
iphone 11 pro akk a3 poker cheating analyzer system
Iphone 11 pro poker cheating analyzer for gambling also called A3 poker analyzer which belong to AKK series. AKK is the oldest brand of poker analyzer in the world, its quality did build itself a good reputation in the poker cheating industry. Hence, every time its new product is released, it will be sold out, so does iphone 11 pro poker hand an... Read More >
Phone Scanning Lens For Poker Winner Predictor
If you want to use the barcode marked deck in cards cheating, you need to use a poker machine cheating devices code scanner, such as the car key poker scanning camera and wallet barcode reader. The Smartphone barcode playing cards inspector is set up in the Smartphone, having the same as the poker winner analyzer.But the difference is tha... Read More >
USB Marked Playing Cards Poker Scanner
Nowadays, many of us like to use the power bank to charge our phone, and at this time, we need a USB cable to connect our phone and the power bank. After considering and being test, we produce this USB cable poker cheating reader.As we all know, the USB cable is so small that no one will think about there is a poker barcode playing deck sca... Read More >
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