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Twofold Wallet Poker Camera For Playing Cards Cheating
Wallet, as the cover of poker cheating spy camera, is really handy in casino game. And to make it more flexible and suitable in game cheating for the customer, we made progress on the wallet barcode cards reader.We call the improved one twofold poker barcode marks viewer. The improved aspect of this poker cheating camera wallet is that it... Read More >
ChipTray Box Barcode Cards Scanner Camera
Poker is a popular entertainment, because of its variety of playing ways. So, it would be great if there is a cheating tool that can be used in many poker games. And the Texas holdem chip box lens come into being.There are double lens installed inside the chip tray box which make the scanning distance greatly expanded. This Texas holdem c... Read More >
Suit Button Automatic Poker Cards Scanner
A new design poker cheating scanning camera is launched. And we name it as removable shirt button sensor barcode poker camera.This button auto sensor poker cheating camera is removable, so you can adjust its position anywhere on your suit, to make it more easily scanning the edge side code marked playing cards. To make sure the auto senso... Read More >
Long Range Auto Focus Barcode Poker Cards Scanner
For some people, when the bar code playing cards scanner is not with them during the poker game, it will give them the sense of security in some extent, for decrease one potential chance for being caught. Consider to this psychological? we invented the new design long range auto focus poker scanner. Because this is a long range used ... Read More >
Double Poker Camera For Side Marked Barcode Cards
If you are a dealer in a casino, chip box and different brands of playing cards must be will be familiar to you. If you want to win money with these familiar things, you can try our poker scanning HD camera chip tray. And this chip box can hold 350 chips.ABS plastic is the main material of this plastic chip tray that we choose to install ... Read More >
Poker Trick Scanning Camera Inside Shuffler For Casino Poker Game
With a playing cards cheating camera shuffler, you can win as long as you wish.Up to now, the most common cheating playing cards on market for sale is invisible ink marked cards used with Infrared contact lenses and the side marked barcode poker used with scanning camera. Edge marked hidden barcode poker playing cards cheating scanner can... Read More >
Texas Poker Cards Double Scanner Suits For Marked Barcode Decks
This long sleeve suits double mirror lens is designed for winter. In winter, we will dress more clothes to keep warm, and that give us the chance to play trick in the poker game.With our hard studying in poker cheating devices, we now, have the mature technology in installing the scanning camera into suit, coat and others long sleeve shir... Read More >
Four Poker Scanner In Long Sleeve Shirt
In poker devices market, most of the poker scanner lens is one lens and double lens. Now, our GS Entertainment Products Co. Ltd. break through the technology limitation, invented the four powerful poker scanning cameraAs you can imagine, the more scanning camera are, the widen distance it can scan.The advantages of this long sleeve... Read More >
Double Mirror Poker Cheating Cameras In Coat Button
Winter is coming, and our winter series products are coming as well. One of these is double-lens coat button camera.Being ten years producing poker trick devices, GS Entertainment Products Co. Ltd. has the mature technology and ability in inventing poker cheating products.For example, the side marked barcode poker that processed by... Read More >
Blackjack Shoe Poker Camera For Normal Playing Cards
In Baccarat game, you need to use with blackjack shoe. And if you want to play tricks with Baccarat shoe to win your game, our pro version remote control dealing shoe can make your winner dream come true.This remote control Baccarat shoe is used with common playing deck and it is translucent which will give other players a sense of securi... Read More >
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