invisible ink contact lenses

Playing Cards Contact Lenses | Marking Playing Cards Lenses
The professional luminous ink brown eyes marked cards contact lenses are used as the reader for seeing through the specific marked playing cards and processed dominos, but it can not see through the common poker cards. Wearing the brown eyes marked playing cards contact lenses cannot change your color of eyes and you do not worry about being fou... Read More >
Luminous Blue Contact Lenses
Some people doubt that the infrared poker contact lenses is really working? As a professional marked cards manufacturer, I promise that the infrared contact lenses for playing cards and dominos are really existing. Luminous blue contact lenses, also named invisible ink contact lenses can see through the marked cards and marked dominos which are ... Read More >
Marked Poker Cards Contact Lenses
Do you want to make a perfect magic show before your friends or perform perfect in the poker game? Have you used marked deck of cards? Do you want to know the suits and numbers of the cards when the poker cards facing down? Wearing the marked cards contact lenses is a useful and mysterious method. Because the infrared contact lenses can hel... Read More >
Luminous Ink Marked Cards Poker Infrared Glasses
Our aviator infrared sunglasses have an aluminum frame in golden and two PVC eyeglasses in dark brown. It has the same size with the ordinary sunglasses. This pair of cool and stylish aviator infrared sunglasses could be used in poker games. Also, you can wear them outside for a long time and they can protect your eyes.Aviator infrared... Read More >
Metal Luminous Ink Glasses Kit
There has a big secret in the metal frame infrared glasses. The metal frame infrared glasses have the same size as the normal glasses which can see through the invisible ink marked cards. Each pair of glasses consists of the metal frame and plastic eyeglasses. So ordinary that no one pays attention to it.It is so cool when you wearing the i... Read More >
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