poker analyzer device

newest poker bank poker cheating scanner camera
Portable power bank scanning camera for cheating is considered as 2020 top 1 external camera for various poker cheating analyzers. Why? Because its speed is the fastest compared with other power banks. Also its wide scanning distance gives a much wider space for reading the cards.Thought the shapes of power bank is similar, their scanning... Read More >
Invisible Ink Marked Dominoes For Luminous Ink Contact Lenses
Dominoes are originated from Song dynasty China with a history of thousands of years. Modern dominoes first appeared in Italy during the 18th century, but how Chinese dominoes developed into the modern game is unknown.Dominoes are a game played with rectangular dominos tiles. Each domino is a rectangular tile with a line dividing its face i... Read More >
Does Phone Cards Exchange Tools Work?
The mobile phone plays important role in our daily life. For instance, we can use the phone for making a call, surfing the Internet or making payment for dinners. We cannot leave the mobile phone and we rely deeply on the phone.In poker entertainment, the mobile phone could be processed into phone barcode cards camera lens or could be disgu... Read More >
Marked Poker Decks Equipment Universal Charger For Sale
Do you feel upset when your phone or poker cards equipment running out power in the poker games? Therefore, universal charger is necessary for you. This suitable charger which can charge any kinds of batteries is for sale. You do not worry about you cannot find the right charger in your country.What is important is that we have spare batter... Read More >
One To One Special Playing Cards 007 Headset
007 one to one invisible luminous ink marked cards earpiece is one of the newest poker cards accessories headphone in GS marked cards devices suppliers. It has about 5 mm to 7 mm size so that no poker players will pay attention to your magic tricks playing cards earpiece.007 headset is just suitable for all-in-one online playing cards poker... Read More >
Luminous Marked Dominoes Double Six In White
There have different kinds of dominoes in the world. As you can see, there have three types of dominoes: double six, double nine and double twelve.GS marked cards factory do not only mark playing cards with invisible ink, but also mark white dominoes with luminous ink, even if it is made of tough material.Double six dominoes can be mar... Read More >
Contact Lenses For Marked Ivory Dominoes
Ivory dominoes are common in dominoes games or private party entertainment. It is made of special and like plastic so that we can wipe it by wet clothes if the set of double six dominoes dirty.GS luminous ink suppliers have more than 10 years experience in processing invisible ink marked series products. No matter what kind of material and ... Read More >
Tricks Hidden Cuff Electromotion Bridge Size Cards Exchanger
We have launched one kind of latest automatic cards exchanger to market. As a poker lover, you should possess this magic exchanging cards devices for playing cards well and get the poker you want no matter in Baccarat, Texas Holdem or Omaha.The electric motor-driven exchanger that we also called it ghost hand is made of Aluminum and it coul... Read More >
Where To Buy Playing Cards Purse Exchanger?
Purse is common daily item for storing money, mobile phone or key when you are outdoors. Especially when you are playing in poker games, you can put your purse on poker tables in casinos.Believe it or not, we can process original purse into poker cards exchanger magic purse for exchanging playing cards. After processing, the amazing purse r... Read More >
Sale Gambling Iphone6 Plus Cards Exchanger Devices
In casino or poker club, poker players do not allow putting daily items on table except mobile phone. Many people like to use Iphone6 plus mobile phone. We manufactured Iphone6 poker cards for exchanging poker decks so as to satisfy the needs of poker players.Iphone6 plus is a real phone which can make a call or take a photo. Our Iphone6 pl... Read More >
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