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Leather Wallet Cards Exchanger Poker Device
Everyone has his own wallet. Maybe your wallet is black, brown or grey, etc. You will find that you cannot leave your wallet when you are outside or enjoy playing in poker games just like our mobile phone. When poker players play on the poker table, they will put their wallet with money on table.The fashionable exchanging poker decks wallet... Read More >
Hand Bag Cards Exchanger For Changing Magic Poker
We will bring our hand bag out when we are shopping at the mall or playing poker games in casinos. We seldom pay attention to such normal daily item that hand bag is the best concealment for processing into hand bag poker cards exchanger cheating devices.With enough volume of hand bag, you can hide poker cards you want no matter wide size o... Read More >
What Is Shirt Chest Playing Cards Exchanger Used For?
Many people like to wear shirt in summer. We have designed a new type of shirt poker cards exchanger between your buttons approximately near the chest. Due to the special position for hiding poker decks, we can operate more easily than other poker cards exchanging devices.Imagine that when you are playing in the Baccarat games, you just nee... Read More >
Focus On Winter Jacket Cuff Exchanging Decks Tools
Winter is a good season for hiding poker cards because we will put on heavy clothes. We have black, red or grey jacket no matter what color of clothes we all could process it into playing cards exchanging devices. You cannot imagine that this jacket cuff poker accessories with strong hiding, and it is difficult for other poker players to find th... Read More >
YT-K1 Interphone For Magic Marked Playing Cards Games
Generally, the entire marked cards interphone includes the walkie talkie, signal receiver, poker devices charger and a spy wireless earpiece. During the poker cards tricks games, marked poker decks walkie talkie plays an important role in telling poker games results to your partners who can receive it by spy poker mini earphone.The transmis... Read More >
White Marked Domino For Playing Cards Scanner
The whole set of ivory dominoes have 28 piece, which packaged in a box. Every piece of dominoes is about 3.7 * 1.8 * 0.5cm. As for the color of spots on dominoes, there has different color for your choice, you can choose black dots or all kinds of colorful spots.In addition to marking dominoes for playing cards contact lenses, we can mark d... Read More >
How To Mark Dominoes With Invisible Ink
The whole set of double six ivory dominoes set have 28 piece, which is suitable for two or four players. Marking dominoes with invisible ink is one kind of cheat devices in marked cards factory.How to mark double six dominoes? We have high technology machine that can mark ivory dominoes. These kind of marked dominoes are not for marked card... Read More >
Invisible Ink Marked Dominoes For Luminous Ink Contact Lenses
Dominoes are originated from Song dynasty China with a history of thousands of years. Modern dominoes first appeared in Italy during the 18th century, but how Chinese dominoes developed into the modern game is unknown.Dominoes are a game played with rectangular dominos tiles. Each domino is a rectangular tile with a line dividing its face i... Read More >
Does Phone Cards Exchange Tools Work?
The mobile phone plays important role in our daily life. For instance, we can use the phone for making a call, surfing the Internet or making payment for dinners. We cannot leave the mobile phone and we rely deeply on the phone.In poker entertainment, the mobile phone could be processed into phone barcode cards camera lens or could be disgu... Read More >
Marked Poker Decks Equipment Universal Charger For Sale
Do you feel upset when your phone or poker cards equipment running out power in the poker games? Therefore, universal charger is necessary for you. This suitable charger which can charge any kinds of batteries is for sale. You do not worry about you cannot find the right charger in your country.What is important is that we have spare batter... Read More >
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