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Stylish Poker Cheating Glasses to See Invisible Ink

Poker cheating glasses have been one of the most helpful poker reading devices for many years. The users can see the markings on the back of playing cards clearly by wearing them. In normal, poker cheating glasses refer to infrared contact lenses and perspective sunglasses. If you have sensitive eyes, then you should not pass special sunglasses.

What is perspective sunglasses?

It is a pair of altered sunglasses which can filter out green light and allow you to see markings on cards. It also called as infrared sunglasses.

Comparing with infrared contact lenses, their functions are similar. But the perspective sunglasses are more convenient to preserve. Just put them in the glasses case surrounding with a soft cloth. You can take them on and off at anytime and anyplace. While the contact lenses need to be stored in pure water and you have to clean your hand before you are going to put them on your eyes.

Infrared sunglasses for sale

GS company may be your best choice. Founded in 2002, it has many years of producing the poker cheating devices including marked playing cards, poker analyzer and special glasses. The infrared sunglasses in our company are processed with best sunglasses and sophisticated technology, which are the top quality sunglasses on the market. Besides, their appearances are the same as original and no one can find any differences from them. Poker cheating sunglasses are suitable for magic shows too. Magicians can see the markings clearly even they are far away from the marked deck.

Wearing a pair of poker cheating sunglasses in poker games can not only help you to see the invisible markings, but also can hide your mood and prevent the opponent reading information in your eyes. They can increase your odds of winning greatly. For further information, welcome to contact us.