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100% Accurate Winner Hand Predictor

A poker analyzer is a mobile phone that can analyze and accurately predict the winner of poker games. It scans marked cards by the secret camera on its side and informs the game results via mini earpieces. This device can work with various accessories to extend its functions.

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poker analyzer AKK A2 scans cards

For some qualified players, the poker analyzer is no stranger. Designed as a poker cheating device, you might have encountered it before in the poker room without realizing that this is a poker analyzer. Today, let's talk about this magical tool mainly in terms of its usage and function.

The poker cheating analysis system probably appeared in 2008, and the mature poker analyzer was developed in 2010 as a high imitation of the Iphone 4 smartphone. Since then, poker analyzer devices have been made in various mobile phones. Huawei, iPhone, and Samsung are the most commonly used cellphones nowadays. As a practical poker cheating device, the biggest advantage is that it provides certain conveniences and benefits for poker players and magicians. More details and descriptions are shown below.

2022 Best-selling Poker Analyzer

AKK A3 IPhone 11 Poker Card Analyzer

AKK A3 IPhone 11 Poker Analyzer

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AKK Iphone 12 Pro Poker Analyzer

Iphone 12 Pro Poker Analyzer

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CVK 680 Iphone 8 Plus Poker Analyzer

CVK 680 Iphone 8 Poker Analyzer

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CVK 600 poker scanner analyzer

CVK 600 Poker Scanner Analyzer

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AKK A2 Faster Poker Analyzer

AKK A2 Poker Analyzer Cheat

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AKK A1 Huawei Model Poker Analyzer

AKK A1 Poker Card Analyzer

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AKK K5 Playing Cards Analyzer

AKK K5 Playing Card Analyzer

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PK King S708 Poker Analyzer

PK King S708 Poker Analyzer

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Poker Analysis Cheating Devices Contains

Poker analyzer is used to forecast winning seat results of poker games or magic performance. Different from other poker cheating devices, the poker analyzer must be used with barcode side marked cards. In other words, side marked cards with invisible barcodes are effective only with the use of this device. A set of poker analysis cheating devices contains a Bluetooth earpiece, remote controller, a barcode marked deck and the poker analyzer phone. Sometimes, an external scanning camera and a smartwatch are also available.

copag barcode marked cards

Barcode Marked Deck

poker analyzer bluetooth earpiece

Mini Bluetooth Earpiece

poker chip tray scanner camera

Chip Tray External Camera

poker analyzer smart watch

Remote Controller & Smart Watch

How Does the Poker Analyzer System Work?

To complete the prediction of the game results, the scanning camera and the analyzer system need to work together. The scanning camera is mainly used to capture image information of the side barcode marked deck. In order to make the poker winning hand results more accurate, four sides of the cards are covered with invisible barcode markings. This scanning camera can be embedded in a poker analyzer phone or installed in other ordinary objects like a power bank, watch, car key, etc. The scanning range of all kinds of cameras for invisible barcode marked deck is limited, from 20-80cm or longer (4-5 meters) or shorter (8-15cm), and the distance can be customized.

Iphone 11 AKK A3 for Texas Holdem

A5 with Iphone 12 Pro Appearance

After the scanning camera captures marking information from marked cards, the poker analyzer system receives and analyzes the signal automatically. Just within one second, the poker player or dealer can know poker winner results from the best to worse, winning hand seat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. The poker card analyzer supports a variety of games such as Baccarat, Texas Holdem, Omaha, and so on. However, you can usually purchase up to three poker games in one analyzer. In addition to analyzing various game results, this analyzer system has other functions. For instance, it can read barcode marked deck directly. From top to bottom or from bottom to top, it can report the suit and value of each card one by one.

When the Poker Analyzer System Calculates the Winning Seat, How Can We Get It?

Generally, there are several ways to know poker results. One is via common wireless earbuds or our particular one-to-one Bluetooth earpiece. The second one is displayed as time on a smartwatch or phone interface. And the last one is by using the vibrator. Not all poker card analyzers have the above results display methods. The configuration of each analyzer is different. By the way, the controller of the analyzer is mainly used to change the number of players. Besides, you can also control how many poker players are at the table by the phone's volume button.

How to Use Poker Analyzer?

Let's take a Texas Hold'em example of 9 players and 1 dealer to briefly illustrate how to use a basic set of poker analyzer equipment. The whole process would just need seconds before the dealer deals the cards to the players. It is simple and convenient.

step 1

We should connect the earpiece to the analyzer in advance. Next, we set the Texas Holdem game, 10 players, and built-in camera mode on the analyzer phone.

step 2

The dealer shuffles the barcode marked deck and places the deck 20-40 cm to the right of the poker analyzer. The analyzer will scan the deck and predict the winning hands within a second.

step 3

At this point, the outcome of this game can be heard from the earpiece.

How to Choose the Suitable Poker Analyzer?

As there are many models of poker analyzer devices on the market now, how to choose the suitable one for yourself? We can take AKK A3 and A5 as examples. Both of them are the latest versions poker analyzer phone.

akk a3 poker scanner analyzer


The advent of A3 is the trend that AKK began to develop analyzers for Iphone looks. All AKK previous models are like Android phones. A3, looking similar to Iphone 11 pro, has an excellent performance in poker tricks. It supports many games like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat, Blackjack, etc. But you can choose 3 games to purchase at most. The local camera of A3 can scan cards within 20-40 cm. When it scans the marked deck, the analyzer will accurately deduce the winning hand in 0.03 seconds. Players can know the results in 3 ways: speaker, earbud, and time mode. During the game, you can use the remote control to increase or decrease the player numbers.

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A5 poker analyzer device


The latest model of poker analyzer, A5, has made some upgrades not only on the system but also on appearance. It looks like Iphone 12 Pro phone, very attractive. Compared with A3, A5 is more closer to Iphone look because this model has a logo back cover provided. And its operation interface is more concise. Although A5 belongs to AKK, its system is similar to CVK. And its earpieces are also encrypted, one-to-one. Only with the earpieces bound to the phone, can you hear the winning results. It can prevent other players from monitoring the results. And its changeable batteries can extend the working hours. All the upgrades on A5 mainly serve the players' demands.

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From the above, you can know that both A3 and A5 are made to resemble Iphone appearance models. Although their main functions are the same, there are also some differences between them, such as appearance, user interface, game system, earpiece, etc. When most players buy analyzers, the most concerning factor is price, not function. Sometimes, it will make you ignore what you really need. And you will feel that the analyzer devices with a lower price cannot satisfy your demands.

There are some different functions between A3 and A5:

  • Appearance: A3 with Iphone 11 pro; A5 with Iphone 12 pro.
  • Batteries: Both are changeable and rechargeable.
  • Local camera: Both are 20-40 cm scanning distance.
  • Earpieces: A3 with normal mini earpieces, A5 with one-to-one encrypted earpieces.
  • Price: A3 is cheaper than A5.

When you want to choose a suitable poker analyzer, you can compare the advantages and shortcomings of different models to find out which one is right for you. If you want to know more details, you can also contact us.

How Does External Camera Work with Poker Analyzer?

From the above, you know that the poker analyzer has a local camera to scan cards within 20-40cm. But if players sit far away from the dealer, the local camera can't scan well. At this moment, players need the help of external scanning cameras. They can help the analyzer work better in poker cheats. Most external cameras are wireless, so they are convenient to be carried. All our scanning cameras are hidden in daily items. After processing, most of them still keep the main functions and won't affect the performance of scanning marked cards.

Take a fire lighter as an example. We need to find a suitable fire lighter to install the camera. Not all lighters can be installed with the camera because some materials will affect the scanning of the camera. If clients want to customize their own camera, they can talk about ideas with us first. When we install the camera inside the fire lighter, we won't change its appearance. And it can still fire something. In this way, other players won't suspect that it is a poker cheating gadget.

Lighter Poker Scanning Camera (short-distance)

Decorative Painting Poker Camera (long-distance)

To meet the different needs of clients, we have many kinds of external poker cameras. Short-distance cameras are suitable for players who can't place their phones on the table. And they need to play in different clubs. Short-distance scanners are generally small items. So players can easily take them everywhere. Accordingly, long-distance cameras are much bigger than short-distance ones. They are generally installed in wall paintings, ceiling lamps, music boxes, clocks, etc. It is very strange if you carry these items everywhere. So the long-distance cameras are suitable for players who have their own fixed place to play poker. These cameras can be blended in with decorations in your room.

Many players will think that external cameras can work alone. It is wrong because scanner cameras don't have a system to analyze the information they get from barcode playing cards. They need the help of a poker analyzer to process the game results. Before the game starts, players also need to adjust the settings and change the camera type in the analyzer phone. With "Wireless 2.57 GHz", the analyzer will automatically get the information from wireless cameras. Players can put the analyzer phone in their pockets. The distance between camera and analyzer is better within 5 meters. This way, the signal is strong, and the analyzer can quickly get the data. All of our external cameras can match the poker analyzer, so players can choose any one.


In conclusion, before you decide to use a poker analyzer, you must know it well. How long does the battery last after fully charged? How to connect the earpieces and external camera? What is the effective range of the scanning lens? And last but not least, practice a lot before putting it to work. Firstly, before you play it in real games, you must learn to choose the suitable location for your analyzer in a short time. Secondly, you need to get used to the way it reports winning seats so that you can get helpful information at once. Also, you had better be proficient in using this "phone", including making calls, sending messages, etc. Finally, be calm and confident when using it in a poker game.

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