Poker Analyzer

  • Get the winner result within 0.03 seconds
  • The device is easy to control
  • Wide scanning range for choice
  • Convenient to take
  • Well camouflaged phone
  • Apply to the most poker games such as Baccarat, Texas Hold'em, Omaha
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newest poker analyzer akk a2

For some qualified players, poker card analyzer is not stranger. Designed as a cheating poker props, you might have encountered it before at casino without realizing that this is a poker analysis device. Today, let's talk about this magical cheating tool mainly in terms of its usage and function.

Poker cheating analysis system probably appeared in 2008, and the mature poker analyzer was developed in 2010 as the high imitation of iPhone 4 smart phone. Since then poker analyzer device has been made in the form of various mobile phones. Huawei, iPhone and Samsung are the most common used cellphones nowadays. As a practical poker cheating device, the biggest advantage of it is providing poker players or magician with certain conveniences and benefits. More details and descriptions are shown as below.

PK King S708 Poker Analyzer

PK King S708 Poker Analyzer

AKK K5 Poker Analyzer Cheating Devices

AKK K5 Poker Analyzer Device

PK King S608 Poker Analyzer

PK King S608 Poker Analyzer

Poker Analyzer For Texas Holdem

Poker Analyzer For Texas Holdem

Omaha Poker Odds Calculator

Omaha Poker Odds Calculator

Normal Playing Cards Analyzer

Normal Playing Cards Analyzer

PK King 518 Analyzer For Poker Reading

PK King 518 Analyzer

AKK K3 Poker Cheating Devices

AKK K3 Poker Cheating Devices

Poker Analysis Cheating Device Contains

Poker analyzer is used to forecast winning seat results of casino games or magic performance. Different from other cheating poker devices, poker analyzer must be used with bar-code side marked playing cards. In other words, side marked poker with invisible bar codes are effective only with the use of such device. A whole set of bar-code marked cards analysis cheating device contains a scanning camera, Bluetooth ear bud, remote controller, a barcode deck and the poker analyzer phone, sometimes a smart watch is also available.

car key scanner camera

Car Key Scanner Camera

poker analyzer bluetooth earpiece

Bluetooth Ear Bud

poker analyzer remote controller

Remote Controller & Smart Watch

copag barcode marked cards

Barcode Marked Deck

How Does The Poker Analyzer System Work?

The scanning camera is mainly used to capture image information of side code marked deck. In order to make the poker winning hands result more accurate, four sides of poker playing cards are covered with invisible bar codes. This scanner can be embedded in poker phone analyzer, or installed in other ordinary objects like mobile power bank, watches, car keys, clothes buttons etc. The scanning range of all kinds of scanning camera for invisible bar-code marked deck is limited, from 20-80cm or longer(4-5 meters) or shorter (8-15cm). The distance of scanning camera can be customized.

PK KING Poker Winner Predictor Analyzer

Samsung Poker Analyzer Work Video

After the scanning camera captures useful information of marked cards, the poker analyzer system receives and analyzes the signal automatically. Just within one second, poker player or dealer can know poker winner results from the best to worse, wining hand seat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. The poker cheating analyzer supports a variety of games such as Baccarat, Texas Hold'em, and so on. However, you can purchase up to three poker games in one cheating card analyzer usually. In addition to analyzing various games results, this scanner system has other functions. For instance, it can read bar-code marked poker directly. From top to bottom or from bottom to top, it can report the color and point of each card one by one.

Poker analyzer can be a cheap copy smart phone, or a real mobile phone. There are many choices. Some like to buy a quality iPhone with a poker analysis system and scanning camera inside, and some may prefer to order a copy iPhone analyzer without scanning camera. Don't worry, all poker analyzers have the features of a regular phone, like making a call, texting, surfing the Internet, etc.

When the poker analysis system calculates the winning seat, how can we get it?

Generally, there are several ways to know poker results. One is via common ear buds or one-to-one Bluetooth earphone. The second one is displayed as time on smart watch or phone. And the last one is by using the vibrator. Not all poker cheat analyzers have the above results display methods. Configuration of each phone analyzer is different. By the way, the controller of analyzer is mainly used to change the number of players. Besides, you can also control how many poker players at the table by volume button of the phone.

How To Use The Poker Analyzer?

Let's take Texax Holdem 9 players and 1 dealer as example for how to use the whole set of poker analyzer. The whole processes would just need seconds before the dealer dealing the cards to the players. It is much simple and convenient.

step 1

Firstly, we set Texas Holdem game, 10 players, built-in scanning camera on the analyzer phone.

step 2

Secondly, the dealer replaced the playing cards with barcode marked cards, then shuffled, let the deck stay a second around 20-40 cm away on front of the scanning camera.

step 3

Thirdly, wearing the earpiece, and wait for one second, then you can get the winner result report from the spy earpiece automatically.

How To Choose The Suitable Poker Analyzer?

As there are many types of poker analyzer device in the market now, how to choose the suitable for yourself? We can take A2, and PK708 as examples. Both of them are the lastest version analyzer phone.

akk a2 poker scanner analyzer


AKK Poker analyzer A2 has the most stable running system in cheating process. It is a fashion smart phone with an attractive exterior design based on well-known mobile phone model-Huawei. The scanning distance of its built-in camera can be 20cm-50cm away from the marked deck and its scanning range is about 30 cm from left to right. As AKK A2 has a wider scanning range, its analysis is more sensitive and faster. Moreover, its battery is removable and replaceable, so you can take it out for charging.

pk king s708 poker analyzer

PK King S708

Compared with AKK A2, PK King S708 has its own unique characteristics. Like many other poker analyzer, A2 cheating device can hold up to three games, however, S708 can support 5 casino games at most such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Russian Seca game, Flush game. It come with the smart watch, this smart watch have time mode , viberator mode and earphone mode. Although its running system might not be as stable as A2, its scanning distance can reach to 80cm. In addition, it displays poker results in a variety of ways.

The usage of these phone analyzers for side bar-code marked poker is basically the same and simple. When you get a cheating poker analyzer, you can find it just likes a regular mobile phone. You need a password to enter the game page. Password is different for various type of poker analyzer. After entering the game page, you can find poker games you have bought. Before you start using it, remember to set the usage. You can choose the number of players, the external or built-in scanning camera, and the way to receive winning results via mini earphone, smart watch, or vibrator. More importantly, pay attention to the effective distance between headphone and poker scanning analyzer, invisible barcode marked decks and scanner lens. Too close and too far will affect the outcome.

In conclusion, before you decide to use a poker analyzer, you must know it well. How long does the battery last after fully charged? What is the effective range of the scanning lens? Which language version of the analyzer is? And last but not least, practice a lot before putting in use. Firstly, before you play it in real casino games, you must learn to choose a right location for you phone analyzer in a short time. Secondly, you need to get used to the way it reports winning seats so that you can get the useful information at once. Also, you had better be proficient in using this "phone", including making calls, sending massages, etc. Last but not least, keeping calm and confident while you apply it in gambling games.