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Poker Analyzer Devices

Everything is under control with poker card analyzer. Increasing odds in poker games is the basic significance of poker cheat device. From the original bare metal to the all-in-one playing cards analyzer devices which integrates the poker camera lens and analysis system, the poker analyzer system has a history of more than 20 years. Thanks for the all-in-one poker analyzer, we no more relay on the external poker camera to finish the whole work of reading marked cards deck. Conversely, the external lens is a extra choice!!

When it is used in Texas Hold'em poker game, you will know the first winner or the second winner in a poker game faster than the poker dealer dispatch the ultimate marked deck to each player, even the number and the suit of each players' cards! However, your competitors are still confused about how to proceed to the next step.

Poker Cards Analyzer

The entire process of scanning and analyzing the barcode marker card takes only a few seconds when you use the poker cards analyzer in Omaha games. Nowadays, poker cheat software has been processed as a more common phone such as Samsung and iPhone. The AKK K4 Poker Scanner Analyzer device and the CVK 600 Poker Scanner System are the classic examples. With a all-in-one analyzer system, it is easy to operate and carry on. Small but powerful poker devices!!