CVK680 Poker Cheat Analyzer Device for Barcode Cards

CVK 680 analyzer is the best and newest poker analyzing app in 2020. With the best photo software system driver developed by CVK, the camera works in an extremely large range, including working outdoors in strong sunlight, and is ideal for customers in India and the Middle East.3. Read the bar coded cards at any angle and the camera will read the cards with 100% accuracy.

CVK 680 analyzer has a scanning distance of 20 cm to 55 cm and a width of 40 cm. Cards can be read on the table, in the hands or in the sun. The reading speed is faster than the previous analyzer (AKK A1, CVK400, CVK500). Because its camera can automatically fill light when scanning marked poker cards.

This is an English poker analyzer that is customized for international customers. Russian, German, Italian and other language versions are totally available here. The CVK 680 supports many card games, which is more comprehensive game content than other analyzers, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Two-way Flop Omaha, Seika, Indian Outs, Flush, Blackjack, Vietnamese Games and Spanish Games Mexican Games Croatian Games many other in the world game.

CVK 680 is a brand-new poker scanner analyzer. It is jointly produced by the industry's famous AKK company and our company to produce a flagship product for the international market. Due to the differences between the game of poker Non-Chinese areas and China, and the differences in culture and habits, The previous analyzers and equipment were not very convenient to use. The appearance and some details did not meet the needs of the customers. So this time, this one analyzing system was developed, for the international market. Make it more convenient and comfortable for non-Chinese customers.

Product Details

The design of CVK 680 for barcode marked deck is based on the well-known mobile phone model Iphone 8 plus.

Price: Contact us for price

Brand: CVK

Original Phone: Iphone 8 plus

Language: English, Russian, German, Italian

Scanning Distance: 20-55cm




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