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Marked Playing Cards with Luminous Ink

All the marked playing cards are the same as the original one from appearance, as they were professional processed by us. Different marked playing cards have different characteristics, so the invisible ink used in marking is also different.

For most paper marked poker cards, they are not waterproof. The crowd of using paper cards is large and extensive around the world. Further speaking, compared with the plastic marked poker cards, paper marked deck is easily degraded in the natural environment. Therefore they are still deserve you to mark them as invisible ink marked cards.

Marked Cards for Sale

How to distinguish the better quality cards for sale? The most importantly tip is marking luminous marked decks according their characteristics. For example, bicycle ultimate marked deck is famous fr itself bicycle back pattern, while Bee marked cards and Aviator marking playing cards are popular as their simply back pattern which will have a good effect after marking with luminous ink kit. As the most classic plastic card, Modiano cards and Copag cards are as well known as their luminous ink marks. If you are looking for the UV ink playing cards, Fournier marked decks or Royal juice playing cards would be a nice choice for poker players or magician. No matter the big mark in the middle or small marks on the four corners of cards' back, both would not affect your visual and sensory feelings.