Marked Decks

A lot of people are curious about what do marked cards look like? Simply put, all the marked decks looked the same as the original ones. But they are processed by some professional techniques so that the average person does not notice the markings.

block-out marked deck

Block-out marks

Just use the same color of ink as the back of the card and coloring the flowers in the small white areas.

cut-out marked cards

Cut-out marks

The most original way of marking is to use a craft knife to scratch and mark the pattern on the back of the card.

ultimate marked deck

Printed marks

Mini-digit or pictogram mark. It is hard to identify these marks, and it is easy to be found that you are cheating.

Best Marked Deck for Poker - Invisible Ink Marked Cards

invisible ink marked cards with contact lenses

Invisible ink for back marking

invisible ink marked decks with barcode marked cards analyzer

Barcode on the side of card deck

cctv poker camera see through infrared marked cards

Special ink on the card back

By far, this is the most popular and recommended way to mark cards. Our technical team used invisible ink to mark the back or side of the cards. We can't see the marks on our naked eye.

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