Marked Playing Cards Deck

All the marked cards are the same as the original one from appearance, as they were professional processed by us. Different marked playing cards have different characteristics, so the way of marking and the invisible ink used in marking is also different.

Block-out Marks

The block-out works just by using the same color of ink as the back of the card and coloring the flowers in the small white areas of the card.

Cut-out Marks

This is the most primitive marking method that uses a craft knife to scratch and mark the pattern on the back of the card.

Printed Marks

This marked card has a mini-digit or pictogram mark. It is hard to identify these marks, and it is easy to be found that you are cheating.

Best Marked Cards - Invisible Ink Marks

This is currently the most popular and is our most recommended way to mark cards. As long as we wear invisible ink contact lenses, we can clearly and intuitively see the mark on the back of the card.

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