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Digital Car Key Scanning Camera Gambling Cheating Devices

  • Barcode Tricks Marked Poker Car Key Lens
  • The digital car key can help you lock, open your cars, and warm you when someone is trying to steal or scrap your car, and this car key can poker scanner can help you win in the poker game.How it helps you win? An electron poker camera lens is built inside the car key, you can turn it off and on at any time. When you want to use it, you just need to put it facing to the edge marked barco... Read More >
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TV Playing Cards Poker Scanner Camera
TV casino barcode poker deck inspector does not mean that the whole screen of the TV is the barcode marks scanner. TV is an cover or the shield for the barcode cards scanning camera for TV set is common daily item.The poker scanning camera is covered inside the TV that no one can notice it and even see it. And it is not like the car key and... Read More >
Marked Barcode Cards Decks Poker Table Inspector
If the poker table you use to playing gamble game is already installed a marked cards cheating scanner, it would be much easier to cheating in the game. What is more, poker table is the best concealment for installing with marked poker cards lens.This poker table that with barcode marked deck scanner is a tradition casino poker table. The s... Read More >
Magic Emergency Lamp For Infrared Marked Cards Decks
Emergency lights can be found in a variety of places, such as hospitals, casinos and clubs. It is also common product so that no one will notice it and no one will realize that the emergency lamp is the best cover for processing into emergency infrared lens.However, you need to notice that you should install the emergency lamp on the positi... Read More >
Long Distance 3D Wall Painting Zoom Poker Cheat IR Camera
Nowadays, more and more people would like to decorate their house with the painting hanging on the wall. Our painting can not only a decoration to your house, but also a practical poker cheating device for you in the poker games.The three-dimensional wall painting IR zoom lens is used for reading special infrared marked cards.Three... Read More >
Advanced Ceiling Lamp With IR Poker Cheating Camera
All the invisible marks of IR secret juiced cards are hidden on the back. So, if we want to see unique infrared ink marks with the IR camera, the position of you hidden the infrared poker camera with ceiling lamp is needed to be higher than your poker desk. It would be perfect if the cheating scanning camera is set above the poker desk. And this... Read More >
Marked Cards Trick IR Camera Hidden In Air Conditioning
I think air conditioning is the best cover to hide IR marked cards camera. There is an infrared receiver for its own remote controller, so we can take use of this infrared receiver to install the juiced marked cards spy camera.The set of air conditioning IR poker camera including a lens, one transmitter, one signal receiver and a pair of ... Read More >
Barcode Marked Decks Wall Clock Scanning Camera
Is it true that wall clock is a really ordinary thing in our daily life? We even will ignore it when we come into a room. And that exactly give us a chance to make some change to the wall clock for helping poker players to win in their gamble poker game.The marked cards scanning lens with mini size so that it can be installed into the wall ... Read More >
Daylight Lamp Poker Camera For Cards Marking With Infrared Ink
In the impression of most people, the invisible ink marks on the playing cards are made by printer. Because they can see the marked cards printer for sale on the menu bar. But today, we want to give you the new impression of the invisible ink barcode marked cards. This kind of invisible ink barcode marks are made by hand.This kind of hand... Read More >
Daylight LED Lamp IR Poker Camera
IR lens is also called infrared lens, which uses a special optical glass material, and the latest optical design methods to eliminate the visible and infrared light focal plane offset, to let you see the infrared light spectrum which is not visible by the human eyes.IR secret marked playing cards are processed with the principle of infrar... Read More >
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