Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Marked Deck of Cards

Playing cards with invisible marking which can work with infrared contact lenses or glasses

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Poker Analyzer

Marked Cards Analyzer

Newest barcode marked poker cards analyzer devices for Texas Holdem or Omaha games

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Marked Playing Cards Contact Lenses

Marked Cards Contact Lenses

UV or IR light filter invisible ink contact lenses for marked deck of playing cards

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Bicycle marked deck of cards

Bicycle Marked Deck

USA original Bicycle gambling playing cards with secret invisile marks for poker game or magic show

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gambling cheating camera devices

Gambling Marked Cards Camera

Marked playing cards poker scanning cameras for professional gambling cheating

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marked playing cards with sunglasses

Marked Playing Cards with Glasses

Poker cheating glasses are capable of reading marked playing cards very clearly

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Marked Cards

Marked cards, with secret markings on the back of the cards, aim to make magicians or poker cheaters identify the suit of number on its opposite side accurately and quickly. So far, there are 4 types of marked cards available in the market: magic marked deck and marked cards for three different reading system.

cohort magic marked deck

Magic Marked Deck

This kind of marked deck is usually used for magic shows. They are marked with a very small number and letter to stands for card's value. Such as S2 stands for spade 2. In this way, you can know each card even with a quick glance. However, playing ultimate marked cards alone is far from enough. A brilliant magic show also attributes to sheer sleight of hand, skill in handling cards, and a good dose of misdirection and showmanship which can accomplish 'miracles' that you simply cannot accomplish with an ordinary deck.

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invisible ink marked cards contact lenses

Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

Except the magic marked deck, marked cards for contact lenses are a very common kind of cheating poker as well. These cards are marked with suit and number on its back with the help of invisible ink and professional device. Hence, our human eyes can' t see anything on the back unless you use infrared contact lenses or cheating glasses. Compared with glasses, wearing contacts would much safer. For contact lenses marked cards, they not only pass "the riffle test" easily but also are suitable for all poker players of any age, any skill level and any poker game.

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Marked Cards Scanning System

Same as the above marked playing cards, you'll find the cards for poker scanning systems are also being produced commercially. We usually call them barcode marked cards. These marked playing cards have codes on their four sides and are being read by poker analyzers or scanners, which can conduct a 100 percent accurate result within 0.1 seconds. Is it possible for our eyes or contact lenses to read the code? Only depending on the scanning system used can marked cards be decode. Above all, any kinds of poker cards can be processed into barcode marked cards for poker scanning system.

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infrared poker camera to read infrared marked cards

Infared Camera Marked Cards

Infrared camera marked cards are what you'd expect: hidden somewhere in the back design, only your infrared camera scan, it will show you what the card is in the screen. Though the marking patters are the same as the second marking cards we mentioned above, this kind of cheating cards feature the highest security. In that they are only read by infrared cheating camera. In order to take advantage it fully, it also requires best partnership. Then you can take control the game that you play totally.

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Which marked cards is better for you?

Magic Marked Deck
Contact Lenses Marked Cards
Marking Pattern & Technology
Mini numbers, hieroglyphs, special shapes hidden on the card back
Back markings with invisible ink shading
How to Read
Read directly without any lenses
Infrared contact lenses / glasses
Applicable People & Games
Magicians who like performing card magic shows
Poker players who are experienced in Baccarat and BlackJack
Price Comparison
30-50 dollar
(100 decks at least)
35-80 dollar
(no amount limit)
Barcode Marked Cards
Infrared Marked Cards
Marking Pattern & Technology
Invisible barcodes are printed on the side of the card
Back markings with specially formulated invisible ink shading
How to Read
Poker analyzer / scanner camera
Infrared poker camera
Applicable People & Games
Poker players who are fond of Texas Holdem and Omaha
Poker players with partnership who play different and professional games
Price Comparison
35-70 dollar
(10 decks at least)
40-80 dollar
(no amount limit)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many marking pattern can be processed into marked cards for contact lenses?

Three patterns are available: a big font in the middle, four small fonts on the corners and customized one. The markings would be with a perfect clarity under contacts. Learn more →

How long can the marking of the marked board last?

For marked cards with contact lenses or infrared camera, the markings can last about three years in sealed state, about 1 month in use state. For barcode marked cards, the markings can last about one years in sealed state, about 1 weeks in use state.

How to choose the suitable marked cards for yourself?

If you want to know each card' suit and number, marked cards for contact lenses would be optimal to you; if you need to know the poker result like the biggest poker hand, marked cards for poker scanning system would be suitable for you; if you need the best security when using the cards, infrared camera marked cards is best to you.

How to pay if you order some products?

We acccpet Western Union, Moneygram, and Bank transfer. And the package will be prepared and sent after payment verification.

How we ship the pacakge? Shipping time?

DHL and Fedex would ship the package to you and it would requires 3-7 working days for shipping.